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All categories Victoria Area
AskBoris (3)
Like New Leho Ventura BASS thumbnail image
No need to ask about what condition this bass is in -- as noted here, it is In like new, MINT CONDITION. This beautiful "tobacco burst" bass comes...
Ad Id:36516349
Posted:September 23, 2020
Apollo Explore 3-Speed Electric Scooter $1,250 ea. or both for $2,250 thumbnail image
The Apollo Explore three speed electric scooter is built for serious, comfortable riding with it’s big, beefy tires, full suspension, quick charge, lo...
Ad Id:40338762
Posted:September 26, 2023
New Electric Tenor Guitar $950 thumbnail image
Eastwood MRG Studio Series Electric Tenor Guitar This gorgeous, brand new, electric Tenor guitar still has the plastic covering the pickups. With i...
Ad Id:40336778
Posted:September 25, 2023
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Asia Moore
Re-cycling energy on Vancouver Island.