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All categories Victoria Area
Cheap (28)
Paint stripper thumbnail image
Rated to Run at 1600-2500rpm
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40702825
Posted:May 3, 2024
Cooler thumbnail image
Small Thermos soft cooler 10” tall. In good condition.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40644325
Posted:March 28, 2024
Glass Vase (Large) thumbnail image
Large Glass Vase 12.5” tall 7.5”at widest point. Opening is 3.5”.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39420550
Posted:March 1, 2022
Luggage (Vintage) thumbnail image
All 4 are Samsonite with 4 keys
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40735075
Posted:May 27, 2024
Day bed thumbnail image
Day bed and Trundle, Comes with both mattresses. Clean and ready to go. Only 12 bolts to assemble this.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40734836
Posted:May 26, 2024
Telescope Polaris thumbnail image
Polaris 60mm Equatorial Refracting Telescope, model 60EQ-D made by Meade, comes with Manuel and 4 lenses.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40513194
Posted:January 5, 2024
Pressure Washer thumbnail image
Small electric 1500 psi pressure washer. $95. In excellent condition. Can be seen running for sure.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40730039
Posted:May 23, 2024
Fog lights thumbnail image
Halogen Fog Lights. Metal frame and glass lens.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39344561
Posted:January 8, 2022
Eyewash / Shower Station thumbnail image
Eyewash/Shower Station (Heavy Duty) Made by "Haws", In good Working condition.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:33651528
Posted:July 15, 2019
Lumbar Support thumbnail image
Lumbar Support Brace. 13" x15"wide, washable cover. Great for longer drives. Please include your phone number.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:37084022
Posted:February 2, 2021
Downrigger (Scotty) thumbnail image
Small Scotty Downrigger $30
Central Saanich
Ad Id:38888995
Posted:May 13, 2021
Golf Club (1940) thumbnail image
Vintage 1940's era Jakosky Trija Golf Club w/Interchangeable Heads. Please include your phone number.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39332792
Posted:December 29, 2021
Candle Holders thumbnail image
Big one Stands 16" tall. All 4 $20.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39349072
Posted:January 11, 2022
Shortwave Radio Receiver thumbnail image
Solid state Heathkit Shortwave Receiver, 1971 -1982. The radio has a ferrite rod antenna attached to the cardboard back for reception of the broadcast...
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39505373
Posted:April 26, 2022
Happy Clown Mobile thumbnail image
Hand made Happy Clown mobile sitting on a 14” dia. ring. The Happy Clown is about 20” tall.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40344129
Posted:September 29, 2023
1/2” Impact thumbnail image
ALLIED PNEUMATIC AIR IMPACT WRENCH 1/2" clean, oiled and ready to go.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40395145
Posted:October 26, 2023
Ceiling Light thumbnail image
13” across, two bulb socket in new condition.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40529241
Posted:January 16, 2024
Chain for Lights thumbnail image
9 feet of Decorative Chain for Swag or Hanging lights.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40543793
Posted:January 26, 2024
Pots and Pans thumbnail image
Would be great for camping. All for $45
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39566924
Posted:June 6, 2022
Forklift- Barrel lifter thumbnail image
Forklift heavy duty barrel (Adjustable) lifting attachment 1500lbs made by Craft inc. Clamps tighten as it lifts barre. In excellent condition.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39917420
Posted:January 27, 2023
Frying Pans thumbnail image
Anolon Frying Pans 10” + 8 1/4”. $25 for both.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39955090
Posted:February 22, 2023
Wall Rug thumbnail image
56" x 38" Vintage Wall Rug, Display? Picture says it all. Considered excellent condition.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:39961888
Posted:February 27, 2023
Parts Washer (Portable) thumbnail image
Small work bench or mobile parts washer, closed up 22” wide x12” deep x 7 1/2” tall. In new condition.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40034221
Posted:April 17, 2023
Work Lights (2) thumbnail image
Two small Halogen lights.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40363082
Posted:October 9, 2023
Cd, Cassette and Radio thumbnail image
Small compact stereo system, works great, sounds great.
Central Saanich
Ad Id:40364920
Posted:October 10, 2023
Cheap profile image
Central Saanich