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All categories Victoria Area
Diana101 (63)
Antique Art   / Drop Leaf table  /   Oak headboard / Lavender thumbnail image
Down Size sale Oak head board / $74.00 Now .fits queen or double Lavender Sachets Fresh made Stocking stuffers 7.00 each a Grea...
Ad Id:38958665
Posted:June 2, 2021
One Dunlop   Tire / Queen  Oak Head board /  79 Dodge Van thumbnail image
Portable air compressor 155.00 / Or Not selling Solid Oak headboard 79.00 OBO New Office folders 2 colors large size ...
Ad Id:34865058
Posted:November 4, 2019
Oil Painting /  Oak Headboard /   Solid Oak dresser thumbnail image
Oil painting Large first picture 1495.00 obo / about 4 x5 very large Oak Headboard the wood is worth that or more 77.00 OBO New Pet ...
Ad Id:36211595
Posted:August 9, 2020
Office  Chair / Candle Holder  / Collector  wall Plates / Oak Headboard thumbnail image
One Dunlop tire with Steel Rim 27.00 from a Toyota truck Silver plated candle holder One of these 272.00 Candle Holder OBO sm...
Ad Id:31243317
Posted:January 29, 2018
Yes or No  /  New Office Folders/ Wealthy Barber thumbnail image
$ 13.00 as New Yes or No 11.00 Each are New Lulu Leather New purse with tag 21.00 Black long strap The Wealthy Bar...
Ad Id:32249826
Posted:September 1, 2018
Organic Parsley   Lemon balm / Lilac  trees thumbnail image
Lemon balm Green bunch 7.00 more in Spring time great for Teas in salad salves etc.. Aloe Vera 9.00 and up Lilac tree about 3 ...
Ad Id:32086840
Posted:July 29, 2018
Oil Painting /  Porcelin Dolls / Vivo Cookware / Childs  Scooter / Dunlop tire thumbnail image
Lilac tree $23.00 Potted Have 2 More are about 2 feet tall Childs Razor Scooter 14.00 all works OBO Has some wear Used items ...
Ad Id:32436619
Posted:October 8, 2018
Clarks /  Klein / New LULU  /  Gap /  Rocksport / ZJIEYU  Vest thumbnail image
first pair Brown Clarks size 8 brown slip on;s .. .Asking $18..00 as New ladies SPECIAL TODAY / ZJIEYU SPRING VEST Asking $16.00 as N...
Ad Id:34489198
Posted:August 12, 2019
New Lulu Top  and  Purse  /  RockSport loafers / Winter Coat thumbnail image
Down size sale second item ,,, photo is a wool Forest green coat with a fury collar is Pure Virgin wool maybe be a Vintage item 37.00 Now ...
Ad Id:32972210
Posted:February 17, 2019
No image, showing placeholder.
about 8 feet Plus tall well Established $59..00 each Now Ready to go , anytime soon like / end Oct Or Nov take 4 for a...
Ad Id:37345113
Posted:April 16, 2021
NEW Lulu  Top And Purse   /  RockSport Loafers /  Abercrombie thumbnail image
New Leather Black Lulu Purse 21.00 RED LULU NEW size small Top never worn 33.00 Calvin Klein size 7 to 7.5 mossy green col...
Ad Id:34802639
Posted:October 23, 2019
Dunlop Tire   / Carvings  / Leather Chair  /  Childs  Scooter / Vivo thumbnail image
Down Size sale All Must Go oooo text for a faster reply 250 886 9375 Childs Wading Pool NO leaks $17.00 OBO or use for a Sand box ...
Ad Id:39864200
Posted:December 19, 2022
Vivo cookware  /  Dresser set /  Wood Carvings / Chairs thumbnail image
3 piece bedroom set Solid Wood Oak lovely dresser mirror with headboard ..399..00 obo fabric smaller office chair 25.00 all works ...
Ad Id:40082337
Posted:May 16, 2023
New LULU top  and Purse  /    ZJIEYU Vest  / Gap / Vivo thumbnail image
Lulu top is Brand New size small never worn 29.00 OBO New Lulu Leather purse has tag on never used 21.00 OBO Old Navy Grey sweater...
Ad Id:39579691
Posted:June 15, 2022
New Earth /  Eat Pray love / Yes or No  / New Office  Folders / Rockwell thumbnail image
New hard cover a New Earth 15.00 John Kalench book MLM 9.00 NEW Eat pray Love 12.00 Yes or No / Spencer Johnson who moved my Chees...
Ad Id:28603131
Posted:December 6, 2016
Pet Coats /   Childs  Scooter /    New Vivo Cookware / Pool thumbnail image
.. New Lulu top size small red 33.00 Clean Office chair Black fabric 25.00 now elevates was 50.00 Or smaller items I m...
Ad Id:39735998
Posted:September 30, 2022
Banana republic / Gap /LULU / Rocksport Shoes thumbnail image
ForEver 21 Bra is New Never Worn 14.00 jacket is a size 2 / Black Pockets / Very Classy 15.00 obo NEW lULU top size small 34..00 Now ...
Ad Id:29119930
Posted:March 27, 2017
Antique Dolls /  Two   Carvings  / Oak  headboard / Vivo cookware thumbnail image
many wall plates Rockwell these shown are cats take one or ten of 11.00 each or take more we will negotiate on text for a faster...
Ad Id:40081625
Posted:May 15, 2023
Winter  Pet Coats / Pet leashes /   Cat Food  /   Kennel  /  Wading pool thumbnail image
I may be able to Meet you part way for pick up Pet Mate Shuttle as New 38.00 obo Measures 14 inch wide X 20 inches deep X15 inches Tall ...
Ad Id:39092445
Posted:August 9, 2021
Grand Trek Tire with Rim /    Office  chair / Scooter thumbnail image
GRAND TREK DUNLOP / TIRE WITH RIM Asking $29.00 From A Toyota 4 Runner One left / 4 inch centre approx Text for a Faster reply 250 886 9375...
Ad Id:39261230
Posted:November 8, 2021
LULU  /   Fresh lavender sachets / Wood carvings /  Childs Scooter thumbnail image
Childs Razor Scooter 15.00 all works Comfy Leather High back Office chair Elevates re Height all works 162.00 now CD rack mad...
Ad Id:39984004
Posted:March 15, 2023
Eat Pray Love /   Simple Abundance / John Lennon / Oil Painting / lavender thumbnail image
New Eat Pray Love / soft cover sells for 18.50 plus tax Now 12.00 Xmas Santa;s In clean and Great Condition 174.00 obo these are Older...
Ad Id:36789724
Posted:November 12, 2020
Candle Holder  / Leather Office Chair /  Calvin Klein /  Pet kennel thumbnail image
Silver plated candle Holder 235.00 NOW just one of these Chev tracker back cargo net 18.00 is new Childs Pool or use for sand or other ...
Ad Id:27715343
Posted:June 20, 2016
Solid Oak Dresser headboard / Mirror  /  Chair /  Kittie  Wall Plates thumbnail image
QUALITY BUILT LOVELY SOLID OAK DRESSER Asking $389.00 Now Was $625.00 AS New with Mirror and Headboard Not made like this today ..if the...
Ad Id:40138610
Posted:June 14, 2023
Gordon head / One bedroom / Feb 25 / 24  to April 30th / 24 thumbnail image
Feb 25 To April 30th One level living Ground floor of Private home new Laminate Floors Short term Rental 2 Months plus a few Days in Feb Th...
Ad Id:40575045
Posted:February 15, 2024
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