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All categories Victoria Area
Phil-Victoria (9)
New and unused Coffin, see the CBC Vancouver news for the background video thumbnail image
Here is the link to the recent CBC video about my coffin story.:
Ad Id:40534319
Posted:January 19, 2024
Cheap - Family Burial plots at Hatley Memorial gardens thumbnail image
Hatley Memorial Park For sale here, are three in-ground burial plots at Hatley Memorial Park . each burial plot also has space for 4x urns. If...
Ad Id:40376354
Posted:October 16, 2023
Interchangeable knitting needle set thumbnail image
Compatible with Knitters Pride and Lykke cords, I am selling these because we don’t need 3 sets of interchangeable needles! There are 7 pairs of...
Ad Id:40485584
Posted:December 17, 2023
Gas pipe fittings thumbnail image
This bundle has elbows, T’s , reducers, couplers, valves, brackets, blanks - and other fittings as well. They are all here; a big collection of them. ...
Ad Id:39896691
Posted:January 13, 2023
LED outside light thumbnail image
This character light is painted a lighter shade of grey. It takes a screw-in LED light bulb, so you could leave it on, and hardly notice any consum...
Ad Id:40523700
Posted:January 12, 2024
Robust trailer and tent - make an offer thumbnail image
Hook up and go. PLENTY of storage in the trailer, with added side boxes, and access door to the box section. In very good condition, this is a tou...
Ad Id:40475345
Posted:December 10, 2023
$1000 off NEW sliding door thumbnail image
Save big bucks with this brand new Milgard sliding door (Tuscany model) Everything about this door is excellent quality It is Brand new, and sti...
Ad Id:40334551
Posted:September 24, 2023
$50 ergonomic, solid, patina, carved, genuine antique with some known history thumbnail image
This delightful old chair belonged to my dear old friend (102 years old, this year, and recently passed) Her daughter had an antique shop, and su...
Ad Id:40010344
Posted:April 2, 2023
Coffin - like a casket, but curved thumbnail image
A new and unused full-size coffin made in my wood shop in Sidney. Simple and elegant, this coffin is curved at the shoulders. The interior is o...
Ad Id:40505137
Posted:December 31, 2023
Phil-Victoria profile image
… always looking for a fair, and very often, an 'outside the box' solution :-)