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All categories Victoria Area
downeyfarm (8)
Retiring Hens thumbnail image
Looking for new home for some older hens. Barred Rock. 9 available. Healthy 2 years old. Content living in smaller back yards. $10 each
North Saanich
Ad Id:39902673
Posted:January 17, 2023
Heritage Rhode Island Red thumbnail image
Purebred Heritage Rhode Island Red hatching eggs, chicks, pullets available for sale. The real deal! Will hatch and grow up to be beautiful calm ...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40689915
Posted:April 25, 2024
Purebred Barred Rock thumbnail image
THE BARRED ROCK Quiet dependable egg layer! Fairly maintenance free bird. HATCHING EGGS $36 per dozen $21 for 6 eggs PULLETS $30 each ...
Ad Id:40732111
Posted:May 25, 2024
Purebred Black Australorp and More thumbnail image
Heritage Black Australorp hatching eggs available. Excellent fertility. $50 .... per dozen $30 .... per 6 eggs Pullets available 7 weeks 13...
Ad Id:40681246
Posted:April 20, 2024
Purebred Heritage Rhode Island Red Roosters. The real deal! Hard to come by the true RIR these days. Stunning mahogany in color ....beautiful very...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40432178
Posted:November 15, 2023
PULLETS FOR SALE thumbnail image
PULLETS...... $30 each 13 weeks *Barred Rock *Red Rock *Black Australorp *Heritage Rhode Island Reds (RIR Heritage lines not commercial hatcher...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40722117
Posted:May 18, 2024
FARM FRESH EGGS thumbnail image
Farm Fresh Eggs $8 per dozen
North Saanich
Ad Id:40673526
Posted:April 16, 2024
Red Rock Pullets and More thumbnail image
Red Rock hatching eggs available and more. Heritage Rhode Island Red Rooster over Barred Rock Hen. This match produces awesome layers of large b...
Ad Id:40571146
Posted:February 12, 2024
downeyfarm profile image
Iris Benson