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myuvic (23)
Schatz 400 Day Anniversary Clock - $450 thumbnail image
This lovely timepiece is a German Schatz "Bermuda Coach" 400 day clock. 400 day clocks run silently, needing to be set every one to two weeks, and wou...
North Saanich
Ad Id:36809562
Posted:November 16, 2020
Framed Print: We Three Kings, by Sue Crawford - $125 thumbnail image
Fine art print entitled 'We Three Kings' by the world renowned equestrian artist Sue Crawford. Features three of the major horse racing steeplechase h...
North Saanich
Ad Id:36631852
Posted:October 16, 2020
Antique Dolphin-form Fireplace Andirons - $225 thumbnail image
Set of antique cast iron andirons (aka firedogs) with removable braces. Air circulation is critical for a beautiful fire: with andirons, firewood is ...
North Saanich
Ad Id:36892752
Posted:December 7, 2020
Lagostina 7L Pressure Cooker - $90 thumbnail image
This beautiful Italian pressure cooker seals in flavour and nutrients, and will save you lots of time in meal preparation. The body is strong, corrosi...
North Saanich
Ad Id:37086256
Posted:February 3, 2021
20" 4-Way Lug Wrench - $20 thumbnail image
Quality Canadian-made tire/wheel lug nut wrench. Gray model No320 Fits: 7/8", 3/4", 13/16" (19mm, 21mm, 22mm)
North Saanich
Ad Id:34908715
Posted:November 11, 2019
Canadian Songbirds Plate - $15 thumbnail image
Lovely vintage plate from GiftCraft Japan, featuring Canadian songbirds. It's in nice condition: although there is some wear of gilt around rim from ...
North Saanich
Ad Id:31380474
Posted:March 3, 2018
Insulated Riding Boots - $60 thumbnail image
Woman's size 37 (US size 6.5) synthetic riding boots. Totally waterproof, hardwearing boot. In excellent condition. Cottage Craft, made in Israel.
North Saanich
Ad Id:37156892
Posted:February 27, 2021
Antique Gomph Leather Working Tool: #6 Over Stitch  - $75 thumbnail image
Henry Gomph produced tools in Albany, NY under the Gomph name from the later 1860s through the 1920s. Gomph tools were among the most highly regarded ...
North Saanich
Ad Id:36830601
Posted:November 21, 2020
Vintage Camera Tripod in Leather Case - $100 thumbnail image
Fits all spotting scopes & cameras with standard 1/4" threaded pin mount. Each leg can be individually locked for uneven surfaces; non-marring feet fo...
North Saanich
Ad Id:36809616
Posted:November 16, 2020
Elation Full-Seat Riding Breeches thumbnail image
Women's full seat riding breeches. Super comfortable. Small zippered front pocket. Tan colour. 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex. Sized 28L. Condition as sho...
Gulf Islands
Ad Id:40252379
Posted:August 9, 2023
Interior 4-Panel 24 x 80 Door - $50 thumbnail image
Wood, dusty from storage but otherwise in excellent shape - left over from new construction. Measures 24" wide x 80" tall.
North Saanich
Ad Id:37177284
Posted:March 4, 2021
Waterproof Hip Boots/Waders - $50 thumbnail image
Storm Watch 100% waterproof hip boots. Leg is formed of heavy abrasion resistant material. Integrated heavy-duty boots with steel shanks and lug sole...
North Saanich
Ad Id:40668186
Posted:April 12, 2024
Aetna Flanged Belt Idler AG2413A - $25 thumbnail image
New, in box. For dimensions, please refer to Aetna website at
North Saanich
Ad Id:24811476
Posted:April 7, 2015
Heavy Duty Trailer Wiring Harness - $20 thumbnail image
Heavy Duty Trailer Wiring Harness
North Saanich
Ad Id:34790729
Posted:October 19, 2019
Solar Panel Mounting Brackets - $40 thumbnail image
Strong support for a solar panel on an RV, van, bus, boat... can also be used on flat roofs of buildings, sheds, garages or other flat surfaces. Idea...
North Saanich
Ad Id:34795075
Posted:October 20, 2019
Dressage Saddle Pad - $10 thumbnail image
Decent used condition; some wear at girth - see photos.
North Saanich
Ad Id:36782841
Posted:November 10, 2020
New Mustang Jeans (29 x 32) - $20 thumbnail image
Brand new, all tags and labels still attached. Outgrew then before I had a chance to wear them!
North Saanich
Ad Id:37164616
Posted:March 2, 2021
Navy Polar Fleece Horse Cooler - $25 thumbnail image
Help your horse dry off after a workout and prevent a chill. Navy polar fleece with hunter green trim. Measures roughly 7' x 6' 2". Very lightly...
North Saanich
Ad Id:37177171
Posted:March 4, 2021
Navy Leather Jacket with Removable Liner - $60 thumbnail image
This gorgeous 3/4 length jacket is soft supple leather. The finish is smooth, pieced in a slimming chevron style. Hidden snap closures at front. Ragla...
North Saanich
Ad Id:23118194
Posted:October 5, 2014
17 piece Vintage German Demitasse Set - $55 thumbnail image
Perfect for espresso, tea, or cocoa - or at this price, even as a tea set for a lucky little person! This set was produced in the German Democratic R...
North Saanich
Ad Id:23732449
Posted:December 28, 2014
Burgundy Leather Jacket - $50 thumbnail image
This gorgeous jacket is soft supple leather. The finish is smooth, with suede accent pieces. Snap closures at front and wrist. Raglan shoulder, so roo...
North Saanich
Ad Id:23118184
Posted:October 5, 2014
Hunter Green Leather Bomber Jacket - $60 thumbnail image
The soft leather of this jacket is pleated at the shoulder, allowing the leather to drape stylishly. The leather has a pebbled texture finish, and is...
North Saanich
Ad Id:18697869
Posted:December 9, 2012
4-Stroke Motorcycle Service Manual - $20 thumbnail image
4-Stroke Motorcycle Service Manual (2nd Ed, vol.2). (1968). Kansas City, Missouri: Intertec Publishing Corp. Includes: motorcycles, moto cross, scramb...
North Saanich
Ad Id:32358951
Posted:September 22, 2018
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North Saanich