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All categories Victoria Area
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backpack, water bag, soap thumbnail image
New Sierra Club backpack $25 - multiple pouches; padded back straps 12" wide; 16" high; 12" deep front to ...
North Saanich
Ad Id:37190920
Posted:March 8, 2021
Parsons Swivel Cushion thumbnail image
If getting in and out of an automobile is difficult due to back pain, sore hips or general weakness, then this 15 1/2" (40 cm) diameter cushion will p...
North Saanich
Ad Id:32025091
Posted:July 16, 2018
antique hay rack thumbnail image
2 prongs have been replaced with nails; otherwise good condition
North Saanich
Ad Id:39034091
Posted:July 9, 2021
Royal Crown Derby thumbnail image
Pembroke Blue Scalloped pattern made between 1891 and 1921 , discontinued in 1970. cup and saucer; sideplate Excellent condition
North Saanich
Ad Id:39163485
Posted:September 15, 2021
2 Sprite Shower filters thumbnail image
$30 each, or 2 for $50; -filter cartridges included -removes chlorine - softer hair and skin -reduces dirt, scale and odours -filter cartridge ...
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39410529
Posted:February 22, 2022
jerry cans thumbnail image
20L kerosene jerry can 2 gal. gas jerry can 4 X 1 gal. jerry cans
North Saanich
Ad Id:33358994
Posted:May 17, 2019
matching fireplace pokers thumbnail image
30" - $20 20" - $15
North Saanich
Ad Id:39136031
Posted:September 1, 2021
lawn dethatching rake thumbnail image
curved blade with short curved tines
North Saanich
Ad Id:39165410
Posted:September 16, 2021
frozen, freeze-dried and canned food thumbnail image
Instinct Raw Chicken frozen 1.25 lb. $10 Red Dog/Blue Kat Wild Boar frozen 1 lb. ( 4x.25 lb ) $10 3P Naturals Basic Instincts Lamb frozen 12 oz....
Ad Id:40387316
Posted:October 22, 2023
cat hairball paste thumbnail image
VetIQ hairball remedy 70 gm. $7 each or both for $12 (unused)
Ad Id:40385651
Posted:October 21, 2023
old postcards thumbnail image
$3 each: England Canada, Prince Edward County Ontario, Picton Ontario London England
Victoria Area
Ad Id:39163429
Posted:September 15, 2021
coal shovel thumbnail image
vintage; good condition
North Saanich
Ad Id:39165420
Posted:September 16, 2021
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