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It is National Beer Day!!!馃嵒
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This Saturday, August 7 is National Beer Day! Finally, a holiday that doesn’t just use beer to celebrate, but celebrates beer itself! In honour of this fine day, we’ve made four ale trails touring around Victoria’s wealth of breweries. With 20 watering holes to explore, there is room for everyone to eat, drink, and be merry!

The ale trail maps are brought to you by Twa Dogs. You can find them on “The Long Way” & “The Lochside” trails. As Canada’s first crowdfunded brewery and distillery, Macaloney Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery is committed to providing beer and whisky enthusiasts with the finest libations. Twa Dogs Brewery offers a wide range of experiences and products. From the core recipes to the limited releases, every beer is brewed with quality in mind. This year’s summer beer is the Dos PerrosMexican Lager. With a refreshing taste and crisp finish, this beer is a must-have for all your adventures. Enjoy a flight of beer on the covered dog-friendly patio or take part in the 5-star tours around the facility and learn about the distilling and brewing process. Throughout the tour, you are encouraged to try some wonderful products created by Macaloneys & Twa Dogs.

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The Ale Trails

The Inner Circle

Short and sweet, this trail will get you acquainted with the beer scene in Victoria without overwhelming you. Start at Whistle Buoy, one of the newer breweries and end right next door at The Drake Eatery!

The Inner Circle map

The Lochside

The majority of this route follows the Lochside trail to keep you on track and away from cars. If you’ve got people visiting from the mainland, you could start as soon as they hop off the ferry with Howl Brewing and fuel the ride into town with beer! Don’t miss Twa Dogs at the halfway point! Their patio makes a great rest stop, and if you’re already getting tired of beer, you can cleanse your pallet with their Whisky!

The Lochside map

The Goose

Get wild on the West Coast! The Goose Ale Trail mainly follows one of Victoria’s core bike routes, the Galloping Goose. Caution once you’ve had a few beers, the “galloping” part becomes a hazard. Make your way from Vic West to Sooke because nothing beats a west coast sunset accompanied by a cold one!

The Goose map

The Long Way

If you’re a beer enthusiast, have extreme FOMO (fear of missing out) or have a curious mind, this is the trail for you. It may take more than a day for this mission. We’ve laid out the route so that you can try every brewery in town! All 20 of them. Every. Single. One.

The Long Way map

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