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Sports & Fitness Instruction Victoria Area

Old injuries limiting your duty or athletic performance?

Old injuries limiting your duty or athletic performance? image 1

Desire to perform at your peak, but cannot? Want to build muscle mass in less time, with less strain on your body? If you are right for this program, this program might be right for you. I’m looking for driven, hungry individuals ready to break thru. I need individuals who may have overuse injuries or physiological limitations that prevent the achievement of top performance in the service of duties, or athleticism. I want to bring those beautiful broken bodies back to maximum performance. You cannot be stopped. You are the fire. I need people ready to become their own super hero. If you are serious about building muscle mass with less weight, in less time, and less strain on your body; If you are ready to develop significant, cardiovascular conditioning from low impact activities — esp. bicycling riding; If you are excited to represent a brand dedicated to the improvement of human kind—this might be for you. Thoughtful students keen to avoid the injury trap of high impact conditioning—who’s intension is to build muscle easy, burn fat and look like batman—will keenly appreciate this method. I am selecting a specific type of person for this program: Has physical limitations that limit top duty or athletic performance; Deeply motivated to achieve top fitness and conditioning; People with an X factor that I can transform into crazy fit, brand ambassadors. This is not for individuals currently with acute injury. Rather, people with over-use pain issues or old injuries that seem to come up with challenging duties or intense athletics / fitness. For more details on the method, visit: This would be perfect for: First responders, front line workers or military personnel who’s limitations may be preventing top performance on duty. Athletes prevented from elite performance because of chronic, overuse issues. People injured from crossfit style training who want to learn how to achieve elite conditioning & muscle growth; while concurrently achieving optimal quality of life with age. People who enjoy riding bicycles fast for real time, elite fitness. Yet, who also want to drive significant muscle gains—faster than previously imagined (with less strain on the joints). People interested in peak development of both cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass—Hybrid athletics. I am looking for general badasses to help build my fitness brand. This is my full time work during the day; there is currently no class style training or online community, which is my goal to establish with this programme. The deal is: I train you for no cost, guide you from the challenges you experience into elite conditioning, and you represent and promote my brand like crazy thru word of mouth and social media. My intension is to create grand influencers, with a vision of radically improving lives. If this excites to you, please reach out for an interview.

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