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Key fob found on Dallas Across the street from the grave yard
Ad Id:40275978
Renewed:September 23, 2023
Found: keys near Capital Iron with a Co-op tag....send me the number to claim. They also have a b...
Ad Id:40152544
Renewed:September 20, 2023
Found it this morning at Regina and Tillicum, in the westbound lane of Tilicum ( at the crosswalk...
Ad Id:39989727
Renewed:September 18, 2023
small Pentax camera in Fernwood
Ad Id:40321864
Posted:September 17, 2023
Found keys at Helmcken and Trans Cda Hwy bus stop on route 61 / 95 / 99. Must describe items on ...
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Ad Id:40077744
Renewed:September 12, 2023
Found on McKenzie Ave going West just short of the intersection with Carey on Sep.10th. I'd love ...
Ad Id:40312207
Posted:September 12, 2023
Keys found with Subaru fob
Ad Id:40309013
Posted:September 9, 2023
Found at Oak Bay Saanich border. Describe it providing as much detail as possible. If I don’t ...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40307971
Posted:September 9, 2023
Did you lose a rocket in Lansdowne field today, Saturday 5 August? I found it. Name it to claim...
Ad Id:40244445
Renewed:September 6, 2023
Nissan key and older fob and keys found in the area of the Inner Harbour, Fisherman's Wharf and O...
Ad Id:40292114
Posted:August 31, 2023
Found in Fernwood. Contact me to provide details.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40284571
Posted:August 27, 2023
They are prescription men’s eyeglasses in a case. Not sure where they were found, possibly at Mat...
Ad Id:40283059
Posted:August 26, 2023
I found bike keys on Quadra and Convent. I would love to find the owner. Smiles, Stacey
Ad Id:40281257
Posted:August 25, 2023
Found at Reynolds tennis courts Wednesday, Aug 23 Email if they are yours
Ad Id:40278300
Posted:August 24, 2023
Found on the corner of Fort and Quadra: money clip, sterling. Engraved at the front, initials at...
Ad Id:40277802
Posted:August 23, 2023
Is this yours? Wednesday, July 26 - 9:35 am. Found on the road; on Glanford. Let me know the c...
Ad Id:40224179
Posted:July 26, 2023
Found on trail on April 23, 2023. Could be prescription.
Ad Id:40044136
Renewed:July 25, 2023
FOUND: Royal Roads trails and I would really like to get it back to its owner Small gold hoop...
Ad Id:40219004
Posted:July 24, 2023
Found while hiking. If you can identify you can pickup in Esquimalt
Ad Id:40217664
Posted:July 24, 2023
Our papa found this on his walk. We think the person who lost this might be sad - and would like ...
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40202666
Posted:July 17, 2023
Set of keys found in Colwood. Let me know if you lost keys, where, what day and how many keys.
Ad Id:39202800
Renewed:July 13, 2023
Found a nice pair of boots and a phone, tucked into what someone probably thought was a safe area...
Ad Id:40190243
Posted:July 10, 2023
Found a nice expensive looking cap (not in photo) at the Shelbourne Fairway Market.Let me know if...
Ad Id:40187374
Posted:July 9, 2023
Found in Canadian Tire esq
Ad Id:40181769
Posted:July 6, 2023
Found a wireless speaker this morning on a beach in Oak Bay.
Oak Bay
Ad Id:40179306
Posted:July 5, 2023
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